Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A picnic party

A picnic party

I had an opportunity to enjoy a picnic last week. Fifty students of our college went on the picnic. The name of picnic sport was mahasthan ghar. It is in the district of bogra. The principal of our college allowed us to take the college bus. We started our journey very early in the morning and reached mahasthan ghar at 11 a. m. on reaching there we had our   breakfast. It took half an hour to finish our breakfast. Then we went out to see and observe the area.
Mahasthan ghar is a place of historical importance. We found many relics of Paul dynasty and many other historical evidences of the ancient rule of Bengal. We also visited the basharghar of behula and laxmindar.

                  It was 12.00 noon when we returned to our camp. The cook and the bearers of our college started cooking.

Some of us went out for sight seeing. We visited the museum at mahasthan ghar and witnessed many relics of ancient time thus we spent nearly two hours in sight-seeing .we took our lunch at about 2 pm. After lunch, we had rest a short while. Then we enjoyed ourselves by gossiping and participating in many sports events. We took part in Raphael draw and thus enjoyed among ourselves. Then evening was approaching gradually. The sun ray was being faded. So we made arrangements for departure. We started our journey again to get back to our college.
At the night fall, we arrived at our college. It was really an exciting experience for us. We enjoyed the picnic very much.        safetheforest.blogspot     computerasablessingofscience

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